Specifications Toyota Land Cruiser with a Fancy Exterior

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This includes Toyota Land Cruiser SUV flagship car produced by Toyota. It also has the toughness of a variety of terrain on road or off road. This car is a tough SUV as well as being able to browse the most severe terrain though smoothly. Toyota SUV under the name Toyota Land Cruiser evolved through a long period with different variants of already issued Toyota on the market. Produced when the modern age makes the Toyota SUV’s so tough in this off road terrain looks with that is so fresh, it looks luxurious and also stout. While on the part of its toughness need not doubt. Because it was carrying a machine with a V8 configuration has a capacity of 4.5 liters which will result in a tough big performance.

The exterior of the Gallant and luxurious

Specifications of the cars Toyota Land Cruiser comes with a design that looked fresh, modern, luxurious and stylish in an SUV a tough car to off road needs. For the front fascia looking very fierce and luxury equipped with large size grill chrome accent that seemed to connect with the main lights. Certainly large-sized which makes this Toyota Land Cruiser into a futuristic look? Then on the front part of the bumper section merges on the body and also got fog lamp functionality can add to the impression of a stout car to Toyota Land Cruiser. For the sides next to it looks interesting as well as luxurious. Because the bottom line is that carry the accents of chrome and alloy wheels also have a sturdy design. To the rear of the Toyota Land Cruiser specs makes this memorable cars dashing because rear fascia features a large size.

Comfortable Interior

Toyota Land Cruiser carrying interior design that will create comfort and maximum. This car could carry up to 8 people and also the driver with the best interior material and also with ample space. It will be very pronounced when I travel. For the dashboard front Toyota Land Cruiser carrying panels are fairly complete, so will come to the driver or passengers in the front part in order to enable a feature that can spoil a trip to the place of destination.

Formidable Dimensions

This car brings a dimension to the size of 4,950 x 1,970 x 1,945 mm makes this Toyota Land Cruiser look so dashing. Then with a weight of 2,620 kg is the weight of this car makes a reliable fitting to get past a tough off road terrain. Toyota Land Cruiser carries a tire with a diameter of 18 inches to the size 285/60 will make the ground clearance so high and reliable in need off road or braved the flood. Got fuel storage capacity that can accommodate up to 93 liters may be more than enough to have an adventure on a heavy field use remotely. Then on the braking system wore this type of Disc Brake at the side of the vehicle that will produce a good braking function.

The Big HP Runway Reliable

Equipped machine 1 VD-FTV Diesel with Intercooler V8 configuration with a capacity of 4.5 liters which had a 32 valve DOHC delivers maximum power up to 235 PS to Rev the engine 3,200 RPM. Bring the maximum torque up to 62.8 in rounds up to 1,800 RPM 2,200 machines. Toyota Land Cruiser power provided that the larger the torque will then provide the toughness of accelerated or for off road with heavy uphill terrain. Although the top download on the streets on road is also unreliable because had the power or horsepower.

8 Photos of the Specifications Toyota Land Cruiser with a Fancy Exterior